You can experience success and express services with ONLY...Al Dhabi Group
Our best competitive price will enhance your competitive capabilities with your customers and gain the best in your market.
When it comes to food, especially in fruit and vegetables, we all care about the quality, freshness, healthy and no doubt about cleanness.
From A-Z service. Our services are highly managed and provided, starting by pick up from our lands, sorting, packing, wrapping/packaging and shipping. Al Dhabi Group are working to serve their valuable customers, to deliver fruit and vegetables as fresh as if you have just picked up from the green trees.

Our long-term contracts are open for those who are seriously wish to serve their market needs, with an incomparable prices and high quality products and excellent labeling.

Our team work our staff members starting form the export administrative, the sales manager and the marketing director...other, are all studying the markets that wish to deal with the company, in order to provide the best ways of negotiation to reach the ultimate benefit for all.

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